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Introduction of Wenzhou Medical University RenJi College

WMU RenJi College which was founded in August, 1999 is a provincial full-time undergraduate independent college which approved by the Ministry of Education and people’s Government of Zhejiang province, running under the new school-running mode and operation mechanism. It has become one of the important bases for cultivating medical talent in Zhejiang province. RenJi College is the vice president unit of national independent colleges and vice president unit of China independent medical college committee. In 2015, it becomes one of the first application-oriented undergraduate pilot colleges in Zhejiang province.

High Quality Education and Teaching Resources

After more than one hundred years of construction and development, Wenzhou medical university has gained its advantage of running a school, and this gives prominence to RenJi College. college relies on the schooling advantage of Wenzhou medical university and according to the demands of the society, setting up six branches of disciplinenamely medicine, science, engineering, management, literature and law. The college now has 24 specialties for undergraduate studiesincluding 1 provincial key disciplines, 4 emerging characteristic specialties, three municipal key specialties, 4 provincial and municipal quality courses and 6 provincial key textbooks. At presentthe total number of full time students has reached 6,500, and the college library has a collection of more than590, 000 volumes of Chinese and foreign language books. In addition, it has 18 laboratories and over 100 teaching practice bases inside and outside of the school under the cooperation of Zhejiang province and other provinces.

College has 8 functional departments and 13 faculties. The teachers of Renji College are combined high ability with moral integrity. Among its 385 full time staff members and workers,Ph. D. candidates and postgraduates accounts for over75%, and the number of senior professors has reached 208. It is the only independent college in the Zhejiang province with provincial teachers unit. A group of our outstanding teachers is selected as national model teachers, national outstanding ideological and political education workers, the provincial health high-level innovative talents, the young academic leaders in provincial, 151 talents of Zhejiang province, provincial outstanding teachers and provincial new educationist. These excellent teachers make contributions in education and win fruitful awards.  Among 70 various levels and types of education and teaching reform research project, there are 6 provincial education and teaching reform project, 15 provincial classroom teaching reform projects and 3 provincial teaching achievement prizes.

Distinctive Brand Building

The college has made efforts in training brand specialty, setting up general medicine direction and psychiatry direction in clinical medicine and midwifery direction in nursing.  Undertaking the main orientation training work of Zhejiang province rural community doctors of undergraduate level (including specialties of clinical medicine, medicine, oral medicine, nursing). With the deepening of teaching reform in recent years, the quality of teaching and the overall quality of students have been both improved. In the national clinical practice physician qualification examination, our college students’ grades has been in the top 30% among the 150 colleges and universities which has set up clinical medicine in China, and been in the top 20% of that in 2013. In the past of the national nurse practitioner exam, our nursing students passed the exam at 100% rate. The passing rate of postgraduate entrance examination and civil service recruitment increased year by year.

High QualityPersonnel TrainingBase

In order to further improve the second class of students, college has carried out the “growth of the footprint”, “scholarly garden”, "Renji Forum" and other brand activities of campus culture, holding “Top Ten” singer contest, sports meeting, specialty culture activity, psychological counseling activity and other traditional recreational activities, launching selection activities such as career star, entrepreneurial star, eloquence star and other activities, which enrich the students school life and stimulate the enthusiasm of students innovation and entrepreneurship. College also has set up 10 student autonomy organizations and 30 different types of associations to provide a platform for students to display and improve themselves.

In the past five years, our students have won nearly 100 prizes at all kinds of provincial and national competitions, including 66 awards at the provincial level and above, such as won the First Prize of the National Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, won the Third Prize of the 14th "Challenge Cup" National College Student Curricular Academic Science and Technology Works Competition, the Grand Prize of the 14th "Challenge Cup" Zhejiang Province College Student Curricular Academic Science and Technology Works Competition, and attained 3 Silver Prizes on the Tenth "Challenge Cup" College Students Business Plan Competition, won the First Prize of  the Zhejiang Medical Competition for three consecutive years, and in successive years, the number of the awarded prizes in Zhejiang Province life science competition are over other colleges in Zhejiang province. Students have obtained over 230 research projects at the level of the national, provincial, municipal and university, including five national projects, 16 Zhejiang Xinmiao talent projects, and published 116 papers of all levels, one of the paper has got over 6 points in SCI impact factor.

With the increasing of college’s reputation, enrollment work has maintained the sound development and the quality of the enrolling students continue to increase. The highest admission score in our college were gradually increased, which are 138,152,138 higher than the second batch of provincial control line from 2014 to 2016, ranking among the best independent college in Zhejiang province. The college attaches great importance to the work of graduates employment, invites experts and person in charge of the personnel department to give graduates an all-round and multi-level employment guidance through lectures, seminars and other forms, carries out “ICS” Employment Boost Project and Graduates Employment Assistance Program to helping employment. College also sets up “Career Development and Employment Service Center” to encourage students to cultivate themselves with self-management, self-education and self-service. Our college graduates employment rate is at the top of list among colleges in Zhejiang province. And graduates employment rate by the end of the year has remained at 95% in recent years. So far, nearly ten thousand our college graduates work in medical and health posts, and their hard working have received the employer’ consistent praise.

Broaden International Vision

College is actively engaged in international exchanges, it guarantees that students in Renji College can enjoy the Wenzhou Medical University international exchange policy. 100 outstanding students are selected to Britain, the United States, Japan, Korea and other countries to exchange learning each year. The number of the exchange visiting programs up to 20 items, involving in science, literature, management and other specialties. All these exchange programs are aim to cultivate talents by using international quality teaching resources. The college has focused on the specialty content construction and development, building cooperation with overseas projects in recent years, such as cooperating with Western Australia University and Monash University in clinical medicine (general medicine) specialty, building up cooperation with Taiwan Zhongshan Medical University in medical imaging technology.